Virtual Design Construction VDC

– VDC is a mixture of new technologies (BIM) equipped with suitable work and management scheme (PPM) that helps various project stakeholders working together cohesively and simultaneously. The model is aimed at achieving the project and construction objective. 

Virtual Design Construction VDC

Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) is a modern invention that generates digital design models of construction and project sites. VDC is being used by architects, project engineers, and building contractors when visualizing and planning building designs, the process to follow, construction schedules, projected budget, and more. VDC allows construction and building companies to scrutinize their set plans from start to finish before initiating the actual work. Many people often confuse VDC with BIM. Here are the notable difference between building information modeling (BIM) and virtual design and construction (VDC). 

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Virtual design and construction VDC is the management of integrated multi-disciplinary performance models of design-construction

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Virtual Design Construction VDC

Virtual Design Construction VDC helps key construction and project stakeholders with their core functionalities on the site, which include: 

Building information modeling (BIM) is a technology-based 3D modeling invention representing physical and functional traits that can be used collaboratively by all project and construction stakeholders such as project managers, engineers, and architects from the start of your project to completion. VDC uses BIM to stimulate your construction’s visualizations in the project design, execution, and operation phase. 

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Benefits associated with virtual design construction (VDC)

When applied at the right time, VDC modeling technology helps project stakeholders save time and resources from start to complete the project. It saves time by delivering accurate pre-construction cost analysis to generating accurate budgets and estimates.

VDC makes it possible for multiple project stakeholders to collaborate in a virtual environment by ensuring everyone has the most current design details, thus enhancing off-site coordination.

VDC modeling technology helps project and construction stakeholders identify any safety concerns before initiating the groundwork, thus reducing the safety hazards that can result in accidents and minimizing social and environmental impact.

VDC makes it possible to conduct pre-construction visualization, thus helping stakeholders allocate adequate resources to the project’s essential aspects. It also helps eliminate possible construction errors, this improving the quality of work done.

Virtual Design and Construction Cost Estimation

VDC can be used in pre-construction to estimate the cost of a construction project. A cost estimate involves establishing the most likely cost to be incurred in a project. Various construction stakeholders use VDC cost estimates, and each seeks to identify different information in the virtual report. VDC helps estimate the cost for the three discrete phases in a construction project: cost planning, cost estimation, and cost tendering

Cost Planning

Cost planning in VDC enables project stakeholders to establish an accurate budget.

Cost Estimating

VDC for cost estimating educates the design team to make arising changes to keep the project on budget. 

Cost Tendering

Cost Tendering in VDC is used by the project stakeholders to establish a firm price.

Construction Cost Estimators in VDC

Construction cost estimators are used by project construction management to collect and scrutinize data to determine the start and end time, construction budget, raw material needed, and human labor required to accomplish the project objectives. Virtual design construction cost estimators can achieve the following duties in a project:

Virtual cost estimation of construction cost is essential for the project by providing financial information needed for effective construction completion.

Virtual construction cost estimators virtually estimate for buildings and roads' total cost. Estimators scrutinize construction process to determine the schedule, budget, lousy weather, possible delays, and other necessary variables that affect a construction project.

VDC is a new technological way of handling construction projects. The model provides a modern approach to conducting construction works, managing and analyzing project information, pre-construction planning, formulating building sequence, generating Grant graph, and organizing project team members and their working patterns. It allows the construction and project team to achieve the set objectives while saving time and resources, increasing team collaboration, enhancing worker safety, and enhancing the construction project’s quality.

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