BIM - Building Condition Assessment

The assessment is requested by building managers, house owners, or the management when their buildings need issues such as improvements, hazards, defects, or if requested by the government agency responsible. Building condition assessment serves as a check for buildings.

The main purpose for BIM assessing the condition of the building is to:

Ensuring if the building is safe for occupation
Monitoring the condition of the building’s equipment’s
Assessing possible hazards, defects, and any failure of the building under review
Predicting deterioration and forecasting future performance & Caring outbuilding valuation

Process of BIM Building Condition Assessment

Step 1:
Visiting The Construction Site
Step 2:
The Assessment Team will Evaluate the Information
Step 3:
Present the Assessment Report according to the user's specifications
  • When carrying out a building condition assessment, the first step is visiting the construction site. An inspection of the surrounding building is done to identify the building’s possible defects, hazards, and failures. The engineers carry out activities such as video recording, photo-taking, measurements, and interviewing the persons in charge of the building to collect data. After collecting useful information on the building, the assessment team will evaluate the information and produce a detailed report containing what they observed, defects and hazards noticed recommendations and proposals. The assessment reports are useful to the house owner when carrying out future maintenances, building extensions, or any other retrofitting work. The assessment team can present the assessment report according to the user’s specifications.

The main scope of building condition assessment

Having a report of your building condition is an important step to making informed decisions. Also, getting a building condition assessment will help you when carrying out your due diligence of the house for those buying real estate. It will also serve as a guide to detect whether purchasing the building is a good decision or costly decision. They should conduct building condition assessments for house owners since some lenders might request the report to reaffirm their safety. The assessment is also key for those planning to renovate their building since contractors use the report to estimate their renovation cost.
BIM-Building Inspector
BIM-Commercial Property Inspection
BIM-Dilapidation Survey

Comparison between property condition assessment and building condition assessment

The management of every asset requires a clear understanding of all the properties in their building. Therefore, a bit to understand the properties and the building, property condition assessment, and building condition assessment report should be done. A property condition assessment evaluates the real estate, including all the necessary systems of each building and all improvements. Due diligence is done on the properties in the building. The report is important since a lender may request it before issuing a loan, or a buyer of the real estate can request the report before purchasing the property. Depending on the owner’s needs, the assessment can be conducted by an engineer, a single commercial building inspector, or a specialist such as an electrical engineer or mechanical engineer.

Building condition assessment is prepared for the owners and managers of a building and aims at understanding and maintaining the physical condition of your building by detecting possible defects, hazards, and building failure. Both building and property condition assessment involves a team of one or more specialists who carry out the assessment and prepares the report.

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