BIM - Digital Project Management

Digital project management, according to Osman Gani, is a modernized process of supervising online projects from generating an idea to implementation within a set budget and in a timely schedule. Digital project management aims to ensure businesses applying the digital service achieve the online marketing goals.

What is Digital Project Management’s Role?

Adam Edgerton says that project managers require a more extensive and broader skill than just the ability to generate Gantt charts, project budget, and managing the project scope. He adds that metal Toad Project managers are strictly the directors of their projects and should own them from inception to execution. He explains that such managers control multiple jobs in their projects hence undertaking different job titles. This makes them not only a project manager but also a web product manager and a digital planner.

Digital project managers ensure all project elements are working as planned throughout the stages of project management. The steps include; initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and control, and lastly, project closure. The key roles of digital project managers include:
  • Generating their project plan
  • Communicating the details of the project plan to other involved project stakeholders
  • Creating and communicating the project budget and project schedule
  • Assigning task and responsibilities to different project stakeholders
  • Resolving any arising project issues that may hinder the progress of the project
  • Updating the project management board on project progress and success of the project.
Those who wish to become digital project managers have to work on their project management skills and be up to date with ever-changing technology since digital project management entirely entails working online. Also, you must have the basic skills necessary to handle digital project management jobs. These skills include:
BIM-Digital Project Management Tools
  • Task management options- the digital project managers can create a task, allocate the job to project members, and provide necessary guidelines, including deadlines.
  • Communication and collaboration features enable team members to comment and communicate with other project team members on the assigned work issues.
  • Contain a Gantt Charts- this feature gives a visual representation of your project progress.
  • Meeting management features- the nTask feature enables the project team to host minutes of meetings, discussing project agendas, communicating essential decisions and project follow-ups.
  • Timesheets- the feature helps keep track of your project team’s progress and productivity.
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BIM Standards in Digital Project Management

ISO 19650 Standard
It is an informal procedure and a learning structure for project teams and organizations to understand the completed project's entire life cycle and the essential information management principles using BIM.
BS 1192
BS 1192 enhances the collaboration of architectural, engineering, and construction information. It is the only BIM standard to have been thoroughly tested on project performance. Its key focus is analyzing the concept and code of practices for common data environment (CDE) and the various transactions between container states within the CDE.

ISO 19650 Standard Guidelines

The ISO 19650 guidelines include; concepts and principles, Delivery phase of the project, operational phase of the project, security-minded attitude to digital information management. ISO 19650 has various benefits to digital project management such as;
  • ISO 19650 presents a real opportunity for digital project management by capitalizing on their resources and management of the project.
  • It has created a simplified and common approach to managing project information. Project team members in various countries, having different cultural beliefs and working ways, can now partner for project implantation.
BIM-Common Data Environment
  • Eliminating time lost when searching, sharing, and organizing project information
  • Improving the project quality by using accurate data
  • Enhancing collaboration and efficiency within the project team
  • Serving as a single source of truth in the project, thus eliminating project conflicts
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  • Developing BIM workflows and improving project performance
  • Improving the ability of digital project members to implement and understand projects goals
  • Helps digital project management work using the BIM standards and guidelines

BIM Building Information Modeling Skills

After a successful BIM training on digital project management, the project team should have the following three BIM skills: 1. Ability to effectively use Autodesk Software programs during their digital project management 2. Be equipped with coordination skills to work together with other project team members such as managers, engineers, and other stakeholders. 3. Translating abstract concepts into project realities.

Engineering Project Management

It's a category of project management that deals with managing and coordinating engineering projects. Engineering managers use their skills to plan, direct and coordinate construction projects. Their task includes leading project research and development, formulating project plans, and proposing the project budget.
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